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Our Construction Team is a Safety Driven company with one goal in mind, Customer Satisfaction.

Robert Bethel,

Construction Superintendent

Our Construction team is committed to providing you with first rate service for all your construction needs. From Lease Maintenance, Production Headers and Supply Lines, Facility Upgrades to Earthwork. GPS prides itself on our relationships and service that we provide to our customers.


Doing things right the first time, every time.

Water Flood Facilities

  • Installation and piping of injection pumps

  • Piping to new tanks

  • Piping to Wemco

  • Piping to Walnut shell filters

  • Concrete Foundations to Wemco and walnut shell filters

  • Installation and piping to sock filters

  • Pre-fab and installation of Meter runs

  • Installation and piping to lact units

Well Connections

  • Pre-fab and installation of piping for steam injection wells

  • Pre-fab and installation of Piping for Flow lines on production wells

  • Pre-fab and installation of Piping for CVR line on production Wells

  • Pre-fab and installation of piping for Waster water injection lines

Group and Gut lines

  • Pre-fab and installation of New Group and Gut lines

  • CVR

  • Production

  • Water

  • Gas

  • Steam

Steam Generators

  • Concrete foundation for Steam Generators

  • Pre-fab and installation of piping to Steam Generator

  • Tie ins to steam generators


  • Concrete foundation for FWKO

  • Pre-fab and installation of all piping to FWKO

  • Tie ins to FWKO


  • Pre-fab and installation to all piping to AWT settings

  • Tie AWT to group lines and headers


  • Pre-fab and installation of Piping to Boilers


  • Pre-fab and installation of Piping to Exchangers

  • Repair to tubes on exchangers

  • Capping of bad tubes

  • Clean out of tubes


  • Foundations

  • Slabs

  • Sleepers

  • Supports

Micro Turbines

  • Pre-fab and piping for Micro turbine sites

  • Tie ins to Micro Turbines

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Dirt Work

  • Build new Drilling site locations

  • Build new lease roads

  • Compaction for tank farms/building pads

  • Grading for Right of Way

Well Abandonment

  • Crews to remove lines that will be abandoned

  • B/H dig up and back fill when complete

  • Crews to Cut off Well heads


  • Re-routes for drilling rig locations

  • Fix and Repair damaged lines

  • Site cleanup and removal of unwanted debris

  • Maintenance for pipe lines

    • Fix or Repair of damaged lines

  • Lease Operating

  • B/H work

  • Daily routine

FAB-Shop (Non Coded)

  • Manifolds / Headers

  • Supports

  • Injection Runs

  • Loops

  • Well head Connections

  • Skids

  • Steam split tees

  • Steam Bottles

  • Knockouts

D.O.T Pipeline Work

  • O.Q.S.G trained employees

  • Install full soles

  • Armor Plating

  • Assisting in Launching and Receiving pigs

  • Heat exchanger repairs

  • Clock spring installation

  • Anomaly repairs


  • Tank Clean outs

  • Sump cleanouts

  • Cellar cleanouts

  • Pipeline Day-lighting

  • Trenching

  • Resin bead transfers


  • Sand

  • Gravel

  • Crushed Concrete

  • Asphalt grindings

  • Clean fill dirt


  • Taking of clean concrete

  • Taking of asphalt

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