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Westside Little League

Westside Little League embraces 6 ethical values designed to help players meet life’s challenges on and off the field. These elements of character are intrinsic in the concept of sportsmanship. They are:

TRUSTWORTHINESS – Living with integrity, honesty, reliability & loyalty.

RESPONSIBILITY – Being accountable & exercising self control.

RESPECT – Valuing all persons, being tolerant & accepting of others.

CARING – Being compassionate, kind and considerate.

FAIRNESS – Being fair, just, rational & impartial.

CITIZENSHIP – Playing by the rules & respecting authority.

These values provide the framework for good sportsmanship. Westside Little League has given it’s commitment to uphold these standards as well as provide a positive environment for our youth to achieve his or her highest potential. Together, lets pursue victory with honor!

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