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I pledge to inform and protect our greatest asset our employees. Provide the best equipment and trained personnel to our customers. I am my Brothers keeper I will not disregard an opportunity to mentor my Brother in safety or success.

Scott Rice

Special Services Superintendent


1 CTU - 1.5” coil tubing spool can hold 8000’, Pressure limit 5000 PSI, Pump rate 1 to 1.5 BPM, Rig up to 18` from ground level.

3 CTU's - 1.25” coil tubing spool can hold 9000`, Pressure limit 5000 PSI, Pump rate .5 to 1.0 BPM, Rig up to 24` from ground level.

Coil tubing is a great time saver it can be run in a wide variety of tubing and casing sizes eliminating pipe and BOPE rentals and time spent tripping and tallying pipe. The mast fits under the tubing board of most rigs allowing a rig to pull rods and stand by while the coil tubing unit cleans the well bore reducing wear and tear on the production string.  Our coil group performs a variety of services other than Production assistance. We have several BHA tools and perform acid jobs, foam and water cleanouts, Hot oil, cup washes, injection rate testing in slim hole injectors and tripping scrapers. We work with other contractors on cement and abandonment projects as needed.


Foam Units ranging from non boosted 750/350 to 1350 CFM 325 PSI with 2.000 PSI Booster.

Our foam units range in size from a small  self propelled 750 cubic feet per minute (CFM) that works nicely on tight locations or rugged terrain to our bigger trailer mount boosted units with long range fuel supply for bigger or deeper work. Our foam operations group works regularly with other contractor’s production and work over rigs, coil tubing wire line services performing Air jams, sand control, drill outs, well deepening, gravel packing, retrieving bridge plugs. We also test flow and pipe lines as well as shoot pigs and clean out new lines prior to start up.  

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4 Cement Pumps - Jason Triplex pump (500 HP), 11,000 PSI Maximum rating, 4.5” Plungers w/8” stroke, 2” x 6,000 PSI discharge hose, Pump rate, 9.5 BPM @ 250 PSI with water, Pumps cement 5 to 6 BPM @ 3000 PSI


6 Bulk Trailers - 330 cubic feet capacity.


Tri-plex circulating pumps both 4x5 and 5x8 capability with standard or linear motion shakers. Adjustable max pressure. Pumps available with up to 400’ feet of high pressure hoses and 50’ of 4”LP loading hoses. They can be rented with or without an operator. We can supply you with Foam heads, hard line, tubing check valves:2 3/8” , 2 7/8” to 3 ½”.


GPS’s wireline truck's are designed and equipped with today's latest technology to provide service efficiency, accuracy, and safety as top priority. The 4G wireline system's accurate and timely measuring device includes added safety features to assist in depth management which includes a voice notification with alarms for depth awareness. Additionally, this system provides a handheld viewing capability allowing con­firmation of depth control outside of the wireline cab. Our unique build design stems from many years of industry knowledge pro­viding GPS wireline to be extremely mobile and efficient while main­taining compliance with explosive storage that allows for a wide variety of service capabilities.


  • Winch trucks

  • Foam tanks

  • Vacuum trucks

  • Low boy permitted for WIDE LOADS for state and most surrounding counties

  • End dumps

  • Belly dumps

  • Washout Pits

  • Rough trailer for heavy demo work.

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