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Our Culture
At General Production Service, we are constantly finding better ways to provide services to our customers. That means we are committed to implementing industry proven efficient, safe and innovative best practices for our customer-centered services. By placing customers at the center of all we do, the structure and processes we adopt provide the best possible service experience for every customer. We realize that any improvement or change we implement, to provide the safe and efficient delivery of our services, requires everyone in General Production to work together. As the oil and gas industry changes, we face challenges in coordinating the delivery of services. We must be flexible and efficient to stay competitive; we encourage open communications, the sharing of ideas, and collaboration throughout the organization. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable to the new and changing expectations of our customers.

Employees who act honorably and take responsibility for their actions, regardless of the situation, are the individuals we want as part of our organization.  We expect everyone at General Production to be respectful in communicating with co-workers, vendors or customers.

We encourage our employees to ask questions. The more an employee understands their role, the more knowledgeable they become and can perform their job better. This contributes to improved outcomes for our customers and our organization, which result in General Productions reputation growing in a positive way, with more customers and work for our organization.

Training & Advancement
We pride ourselves on keeping our employees up-to-date on the most current OSHA guidelines, employment law practices, passport training, Class B preparation, as well as offering the best equipment to perform their job. In addition, we conduct a two-day orientation to ensure our new employees have a proper on-boarding.

Our approach to compensation is simple; we pay competitively based upon the labor market in which we compete.


General Production provides a competitive benefits package that includes a rich health benefits plan, including, retirement, vacation, sick pay, ALFAC, life insurance, and other miscellaneous benefit options.

We believe in acting with integrity and working together as a team, in every aspect. Each one of our employees, from the President to the yard hand, all play a role in contributing to the success of GPS.

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