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The company was founded by Charlie Beard in March 1967. Charlie
always had the passion and drive to own his own business and was receptive when he was approached by a superintendent from Gulf Oil Company who asked if he would be interested in getting a rig that would later be put to work for Gulf. Rig One was built just south of Taft on historic 25 Hill and operated by Charlie. Three more rigs were added later, laying the foundation for an up and coming well servicing business.


GPS has survived nearly fifty years in the oil industry because of one thing—the company’s diligence and commitment to safety and ability to change its practices depending on the wants and needs of its customers. This strong commitment to change has allowed GPS to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

GPS, which started with one rig and three employees, has grown to more than 600 employees working for Aera Energy, Berry Petroleum, E&B Natural Resources, Sentinel Peak Resources, Crimson, Phillips 66, California Resource Company, Holmes Western and many other independents around the valley.


The company now has twenty-three doubles and fifty seven singles, along with a construction division that includes heavy equipment, cranes, welding trucks and an aggregate trucking division, as well as "Special Services"that include coil tubing, cement pump trucks, foaming units to pump rentals, moving heavy equipment, tanks, vacuum trucks, tubing testing, pressure testing to our new wireline division.


In 2011, Charlie made Rusty Risi, a long-time employee, his partner and turned the day-to-day operations over to him. Rusty came to GPS from New York in 1979 and learned the business from the ground up. The warm relationship they built has, to this day, kept the company growing and the company’s family atmosphere alive. At GPS, employees feel they are part of something great and the company could not have enjoyed the success it has had without the dedication of all those working in the office and in the field.

General Production Service is dedicated to the future and is working to ensure that new and innovative ideas continue to foster growth with a positive impact on safety, the environment, and the industry.

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