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It is our belief that all accidents/incidents can be prevented and that protecting human life is our highest priority. This is achieved by getting employees to buy in to this philosophy and support from management.

BEHAVIOR BASED SAFETY: BBS is a tool utilized in our proactive approach to reaching an incident free work environment. The BBS process starts with employees performing a required number of field observations monthly. GPS supervisors are trained in the BBS process and are also required to perform advanced field observations monthly. Field employees perform a separate field observation form which is compiled from the BBS data submitted by management and the supervisors.

SAFETY in MOTION (SIM): This tool is utilized within GPS as means for limiting the stress and forces our employees exert on their bodies throughout the work day. Employees are trained in recognizing correct body position, leverage, correct lifting and utilizing "best" techniques while performing their assigned tasks. The result is less soft tissue and repetitive motion injuries.

TRAINING: Every January General Production Service employees participate in our annual Core Training to ensure our core safety values are understood by all employees, also employees successfully completing this class will receive their BOOST card. The training consists of hands on training with class instruction from our safety staff. We feel that hands on training along with a class instruction is more beneficial for retention of the materials covered. We would like to thank Certex and Excellent Fire Protection for their participation in the training.


General Production Service not only has an obligation under CCR title 8 to provide a “safe and healthful workplace to our employees” but also a moral obligation as well. We are dedicated to insure that our employees are properly trained, provided with the proper tools to be successful and go home “Alive and Well Everyday”.

George Harmer

Safety  Manager

Along with the monthly safety topics the crews participate in daily job huddles and weekly tailgate safety meetings held on location that are site specific. Employees also attend our annual Core training and receive their BOOST (Basic Oilfield Operation Safety Training) card.

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